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About Bobby

Diligent, Result-oriented, and a Go-getter.

Bobby is a resident of Canada and lived in the Peel region for over two decades. After becoming a licensed realtor, she upgraded her credentials and is now a Real Estate Broker. Member of a well-organized brokerage firm, she works with a group of real estate professionals, mortgage specialists, lawyers, and digital technology experts. In addition to her real estate credentials, Bobby also holds a mortgage agent’s license.

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Real Estate solutions that match your needs.


Step by Step Process

I break down your project's complete process into small steps to make it easier for you to handle and understand.

Personalized Solutions

Every buyer and seller are unique, as are their requirements. I create a personalized plan for you after acquiring a thorough grasp of your requirements.

Impeccable Paperwork

Real estate deals can turn into a legal, financial, and personal nightmare because of erroneous paperwork. I assure you of my rigorous attention to detail in my paperwork.

First Time Buyers

It is natural to be anxious when purchasing your first home. I have enough experience dealing with simple to complex first-time purchases.

Educate and Inform

I concentrate on educating and informing my clients by providing facts and accurate information. I assist them in making informed decisions.

Multi-lingual Service

My colleagues and I are proficient in offering services in a variety of languages. Don't let a language barrier keep you from taking advantage of our professional services.

Why hire Bobby as your realtor?

Step by step process.


Requirement Analysis

I listen, learn and understand what you are asking.



Assess the viability and feasibility of your requirements.



Align and help with the dependencies of your transaction.



Completing the transaction with all due diligence.

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Property Evaluation.

I offer a no-obligation and complimentary property evaluation. Please contact me at the number provided below or fill the form provided to book an appointment.

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